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The high spec CCM GP450 is suffering from the same lean running issues as all other modern fuel injected bikes.
The result is a weak idle and low speed running, and a hard and snatchy throttle that feels mostly like an on/off switch - Not exactly ideal when you are negotiating a difficult section on the track.
With the BoosterPlug tuning you get the small, controlled fuel enrichment your CCM needs to run like it should have from the factory - all in a small package that easy to install with the original connectors (No wire cutting and splicing).
Fuel injection tuning have never been easier - the BoosterPlug is the first choice in aftermarket parts.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  


Proven aftermarket part

The CCM BoosterPlug was developed in close cooperation with dedicated CCM owners in the UK, and the pictures in the installation instructions was actually done by a CCM owner - Thanks for sharing the pics to make the installation easier for other owners !
There are not many aftermarket parts for the fine CCM motorcycles, so we are very proud about having developed the BoosterPlug in cooperation with the CCM owners.