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Ducati Monster Series


Fuel Injection Tuning

If you own the iconic Ducati Monster models you obviously want the engine to behave in all conditions, and it's a pity that the lean air/fuel mixture on the stock bike causes the engine to suffer from weak idle and poor low speed throttle control - especially if you have installed aftermarket tuning parts like high flow exhausts and air filters.
The BoosterPlug Fuel Injection performance upgrade will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment your bike needs to run like it should have done from the factory. Simple and efficient tuning and one of the best modifications you can do to your Ducati Monster.

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How about the the alternative aftermarket tuning parts ?

Until now, the only real fuel injection tuning solution for the Ducati Monster have been to install a Power Commander or similar aftermarket parts, but it's an expensive way to go, and not necessarily the best solution.
With the Power Commander comes multiple adjustment options, but also multiple ways to do things wrong, and the result is often less brilliant than expected.
We're usually saying that the humble BoosterPlug can offer 80% of what the Power Commander has the potential to do - but as so few of the very complicated fuel injection tuning devices are adjusted correctly, they are not a real life performance upgrade. So we know that in real life, the BoosterPlug outperforms 80% of the multi adjustable aftermarket parts :-)
How about that ?