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Harley Davidson Softail (Milwaukee 8) (2018 - 2020)


Solution for stalling and other fuel injection problems on the Milwaukee 8

Brilliant as they are, the new Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 engines are struggling with the lean mixture on the stock bike, and the poor idle and low speed power and the snatchy on/off like throttle action is not exactly what you expect from a premium product.
The BoosterPlug is a proper fuel injection upgrade, and will make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer in the areas where the engine needs it the most. The small controlled fuel enrichment is the only way to sort our the lean running problems and make your new Milwaukee 8 Harley perform like it should have done from the factory.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  


The easy performance upgrade for your Milwaukee 8 Harley

The complicated and multi adjustable piggy-back fuel controllers are no longer the best way to solve the fuel injection problems (But definitely the most expensive way...)
Harley's development team actually know what they are doing, and have spend thousand og hours getting the fuel map as good as possible. So your Milwaukee 8 engine actually have a very good fuel map - it is just a tad on the lean side. This means that lifting the fuel map a bit with the BoosterPlug is usually a much better solution than the complicated piggy-back fuel controllers like the Power Commander, where you will mostly end up with an uneven and less than perfect fuel map.