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BMW F800 Series


Fuel Injection Tuning for BMW F800

The Rotax built BMW F800 engine is a real gem among motorcycle engines, because it provides a very usable combination of power and torque.
But like on all modern fuel injected motorcycles, low speed running is not very good because it’s running leaner than desired for superior throttle control and strong low speed running.
The BoosterPlug tuning module is accepted world wide and known to be a very good solution to the common fuel injection related problems.
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Cure the stalling problem

The borderline lean air/fuel mixture is the reason why the F800 series motorcycles have this annoying tendency to stall at idle - especially on a hot day. The BoosterPlug will provide the slight controlled fuel enrichment that the engine needs to run stronger at idle and low speeds and our device is known as an effective fix to the dreaded stalling issue. 

"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  
BoosterPlug vs. Power Commander: It all depends on what you want and what type of rider you are.
If you like to fiddle with settings, experiment with different set-ups and have plenty of time and money for Dyno tuning sessions, the Power Commander is a good choice.
If you want a cheap and easy solution to the common problems with fuel injected bikes, the BoosterPlug is probably a better solution.
See the testimonials section for feedback from happy BoosterPlug customers.