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Suzuki V-Twin 650/1000 Series

The 650 and 1000 Suzuki V-Tvin engines are among the best motorcycle engines ever build. 
But even though they ar eexcellent engines, they still suffer from the same low speed drivability issues as all other modern fuel injected bikes, because they are running too lean from the factory. 
The BoosterPlug will take the air/fuel ratio to the correct level, and will improve idle and low speed throttle control a lot.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Before we launched the BoosterPlug in 2009, the only way to cure the poor fueling on the bike, was a Power Commander or similar multi adjustable devices. 
They are certainly not bad devices, but complicated and expensive - and most of them are never setup correctly. 
The BoosterPlug is installed without cutting and splicing wires, and works instantly without hours of adjustments and expensive dyno sessions.