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Picture of the 100% free e-book on motorcycle fuel injection

Why a free e-book - what's the catch ?

I have been working on fuel injection systems for over 20 years, and since we launched the BoosterPlug company in 2009, I have answered thousands and thousands of technical questions on fuel injection from customers all over the world.

So I know better than anyone that there is a huge need for a proper explanation on how fuel injection works in a motorcycle and the different ways to tune or improve the fuel injection.

The book will give you a complete tour on how the fuel injection computer is doing it's calculations, and will hopefully solve some of the mysteries about how the fuel injection works - and why it ourperforms the old carburettor by several miles.

I decided to make the e-book free for everyone to download from this site free of charge for two reasons:


  • Any e-book will be downloaded and read by more people if there is no payment involved, and considering all the fuel injection related questions we recieve, it is clear that there is a general need for the information in the book.
  • In 2016 we reached the incredible "25.000 BoosterPlug units sold" milestone, and we are obviously proud of the amazing customer support we see every day. Making the book free of charge is my way of giving something back to an international motorcycle community that have contributed to make the BoosterPlug a true succes story.

You are downloading this e-book from the BoosterPlug website, and I'm the founder of the company, so there is no way I can pretend that I'm not biased towards our own product. You will see that most of the book is not about the BoosterPlug at all, but it will probably not come as a surprise that I will recommend the BoosterPlug in the chapter where different fuel injection tuning methods are discussed - You have now been warned :-)

I have done my best to make this complicated technical topic as digestible as possible by keeping the language plain and illustrate everything with charts. And I have constrained myself by keeping the content in the book on a general information level - as this is what most people need. If you are looking for a technical in-depth self learning course that will enable you to build/repair/program fuel injection ECU's, you need to look somewhere else :-)

Enjoy the book !

/Jens Lyck

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