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Triumph 675 and 765 Triples

After the great succes with the Triumph 1050 BoosterPlug, we are proud to introduce the BoosterPlug solution for the fine Triumph 675 Triples.
All modern fuel injected engines suffer from air / fuel mixtures that are way too lean, which negatively impacts low speed running and drivability.
The BoosterPlug have proven itself as a proper cure, and is installed in less than 10 minutes - a true Plug and Play solution.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

With the BoosterPlug we offer a real-life alternative to the Power Commander. Whilst the Power Commander is a fine piece of kit, it's important to remember that a thousand adjustment possibilities puts a big responsibility on the owners/mechanic's shoulders, because it gives you a thousand ways to do things wrong - and only one way to do them correctly.
That's why the simple non adjustable BoosterPlug actually does a better job on your bike than 90% of all Power Commander installations - at a fraction of the price of the Power Commander!