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Yamaha 800 - 900 Series

A big modern motorcycle have plenty of top end power, but they all suffer from poor low speed running and hard unpleasant throttle action because they are running way to lean for the best rideability.
The BoosterPlug is an easy and proven way to give your bike the small controlled fuel enrichment it needs to maximise the riding experience and riders control.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

All modern fuel injected bikes have a very highly developed and accurate fuel map - it's just on the lean side which makes the bike less than perfect to ride.
15 years ago when most bikes was sold with a low quality fuel map there was a need for a Power Commander where you could adjust all parameters (many). The issue with the Power Commander is that it's very hard to set up right - and most of them never are. Thie leaves the customer with a poor and rather expensive setup that does not meet reasonable expectations.
So the combination of a (slightly lean) high quality fuel map and the proven BoosterPlug is actually a better and way cheaper solution.