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Honda 1100-and-up Series

With a big Honda, you don't need more top end power, but the low end RPM range is less than perfect. Like all newer fuel injected bikes, the large capacity Hondas are running extremely lean, and the low end running is really suffering.
When you ride your motorcycle in the city or in hairpin corners you will feel the very hard throttle action where the throttle feels more like an on/off switch, and you need to apply some throttle to take off from standstill to avoid stalling the engine.
The lean mixture is to blame for these issues, and the only cure is to provide a small controlled fuel enrichment - and this is what the BoosterPlug does !
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

You would think that the multiple adjustment possibilities in the Power Commander gives you a much better solution, but the many features in the Power Commander is actually it's biggest weakness too.
This is because it's hard to set up correctly and takes a lot of Dyno hours and a clever mechanic to do so - and most Power Commander installations are never done right.
This is why the simple (and much cheaper) BoosterPlug is able to outperform 80% of all existing Power Commander installations.