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Honda 1000 Series

The fine 1000cc Honda four cylinder engine obviously have plenty of top end power. But like all other modern fuel injected engines, it suffers from poor low speed throttle action and a weak idle.
The result is a snatchy throttle in the city and in low speed corners, and a bike that easily stalls from take off - not exactly the perfect riding experience
This is all caused by the extremely lean air/fuel ratio, and the small controlled fuel enrichment offered by the BoosterPlug is known as a brilliant and cost effective cure.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The Power Commander have been known as the standard solution to this problem, but the fact that it takes a lot of Dyno hours and a very experienced mechanic to obtain a reasonable result makes the Power Commander a less than perfect solution for most owners. The Power Commander have a lot of potential, but due to the complicated setup, the simpler and cheaper BoosterPlug is a much better solution for most owners - and unlike most Power Commander installations, the BoosterPlug will not increase your fuel consumption dramatically..