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Ducati Superbike Series

Even a fast Ducati needs low speed driveability, and as the stock bike is running leaner than desired, it will suffer from very abrupt, on/off like, throttle action and poor idle where the engine easily stalls. The problem is known on all modern Ducati Superbikes: 749, 848, 999, 1098, 1198.
The BoosterPlug is an easy and efficient way to restore the bike to what it should have been from the factory and is installed in a few minutes by plugging it into the original connectors.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The well known Power Commander is actually technology with reason for most owners as it's difficult to get all the settings right - even after many hours of Dyno testing.
The BoosterPlug is doing a better job in real life than most Power Commander installations. Having multiple parameters to adjust also means that you will have multiple ways of doing things wrong.