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BMW R850 Series

If you own a BMW R850, you know that the low RPM running could be a lot better. 
The Poor idle and almost digital (on/off) throttle action is closely related to the very lean Air/Fuel Ratio in the stock bike.
The BoosterPlug is a known as an efficient cure that you can easily install yourself – even if you’re not a professional mechanic.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

We’re often asked if the Power Commander wouldn’t be a better solution? Well, the proper answer is probably that the two devices are made for two different types of customers. 
The PowerCommander is adjustable in numerous ways, but that is also its biggest problem because there are an endless number of things that can go wrong. This is a great device if you want to constantly fiddle with settings of if your local mechanic is good enough to adjust all parameters correctly.
With the BoosterPlug, all settings are fixed to bring your Air/Fuel Ratio back to ”the light side”, and make your BMW boxer run like it should have from the factory.