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Kawasaki 1000 Series

With 1000 cc in the classic Kawasaki four cylinder engine, you would expect to have plenty of power everywhere. So why is the throttle action so poor, almost like flicking a switch on/off, and why does the big engine stall so easy at take off if you are not careful ?
It's simply because the bike is running too lean at low RPM from the factory, like all modern fuel injected bikes. The BoosterPlug will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment that will make your bike so much more pleasant to ride.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The Power Commander and similar multi adjustable devices have been the only cure until now, but they are expensive and hard to set up correctly without spending a lot of mony on Dyno sessions.
The BoosterPlug is easy to install, does not need to be dialed in, and will give your bike the slightly richer Air/Fuel Ratio where it's needed. Simple, brilliant - and a lot cheaper than the Power Commander.