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‚ÄčImprove performance of your Royal Enfield with the BoosterPlug tuning part.
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Optimizing your Royal Enfield Fuel Injection - best Plug and Play Tuning

Your fuel injected Royal Enfield is running a lot leaner than desired from the factory, and the result is a bike that is less than perfect to ride and an engine that is running too hot.
The only way to restore low speed performance and rideability is to provide a slightly richer air/fuel ratio, and the BoosterPlug tuning module provides the best solution in the market.
The air cooled Royal Enfield engine is having a hard time when forced to run very lean, because the lean mixture will increase the combusiton temperature and lower the performance. The fuel injected engine will have a much easier life with the slightly richer mixture, and especially the thermally stressed exhaust valves will love you for the BoosterPlug tuning module. The BoosterPlug should be your first choice when upgrading your bike with aftermarket parts.

Why the Power Commander is not the best aftermarket performance part 

The BoosterPlug is a proven solution to the common fuel injection problems and is a lot simpler to install than the complicated Power Commander or similar aftermarket parts.
(The BoosterPlug is a simple but well engineered aftermarket part, so there is no complicated setup procedures or expensive dyno bench time in an endless search for the best performance).

We have build the BoosterPlug to meet "military Specs" standard, to ensure that it will last at least as long as your Royal Enfield without any problems, and our fuel injection tuning device comes with a lifetime warranty.