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The BoosterPlug is easy Aprilia tuning by optimization of the Fuel Injection system, and a brilliant Power Commander Alternative
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Aprilia Fuel Injection Optimization Tuning - Plug and Play

The BoosterPlug for your Aprilia provides an easy and efficient way to optimize the fuel injection on your bike. The lean air/fuel mixture on the stock bike makes it less than perfect to ride, and nobody want a motorcycle to be difficult to control in city traffic or in tricky corners and bends. The BoosterPlug fuel enrichment is an inexpensive and proven way to release the full potential in your Aprilia.
We have build the BoosterPlug to military specs to ensure that it will endure the rough environment on a motorcycle, and it goes without saying that the BoosterPlug comes with a lifetime warranty. Tuning your fuel injection have never been easier.

An attractive Power Commander Alternative 

The Power Commander and similar tuning products are complicated and difficult to set up correctly, and most of them never are. With the BoosterPlug, you receive a high quality, preprogrammed plug and play product that is easy to install and requires no additional adjustments or expensive Dyno test bench tuning sessions. Install the BoosterPlug and go out and enjoy your bike - it's as simple as that.

Easy Aprilia Tuning 

Your Aprilia motorcycle is already plenty powerful from the factory, so tuning is not really about increasing top end power.
If you want more overall power, it is always a cheaper option in the long run to buy a bigger bike. Tuning for top end power is too expensive when you compare the price with the benefit. Trading your bike is the solution here.
But if you are looking to improve the general behavior and handling of your bike, the optimized air/fuel ratio from the BoosterPlug is the answer - This is what we call real life tuning.