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Harley Davidson Trike Series

The Harley Trikes are heavy bikes and they need all the torque the V-twin engine can provide.
Unfortunately, idle and low speed running is weak on the stock bike, and throttle action is very on/off like and not easy to operate.
This problem is caused by the much too lean air/fuel mixure on the standard bike, and you need to provide a small controlled fuel enrichment to make the bike perform to it's best.
This is what the BoosterPlug does - and it's installed in minutes, with out need of special tools or adjustments.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

It's often mentioned that the Power Commander is the better solution because it is adjustable in any thinkable way.
But having a thousand settings is only better if you can get them all right, and despite the complicated and expensive set up procedure on a Dyno test bench, most Power Commanders are never set up right.
So the BoosterPlug is actually capable of outperforming the Power Commander - without constant fiddling with adjustments and at a fraction of the price.