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Harley Davidson Softail (2007-2015)


Efficient real life tuning for your motorcycle

The very lean air/fuel ratio on modern fuel injected bikes makes the idle weak and low speed throttle control poor - and you are not arriving in style on your HD Softail if the poor fueling makes you look like an amateur! Also, the increase risk of stalling the bike is actually a potential danger.
The BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning will correct the fueling and make your Harley Davidson Softail safer and more fun to ride - and it's easy and quick to install !
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  


Improving the Fuel Injection

You have most likely heard someone argue that the Power Commander is the better tuning alternative for the Harley Davidson Softail, because you can adjust and tweak all thinkable settings in the fuel injection.
But with multiple adjustability comes multiple ways of doing things wrong and only one way of doing it right. And despite all the high-tech, most Power Commanders are never correctly set up.
That is why the simple preprogrammed BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning module can offer better results - at a fraction of the cost!