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Harley Davidson Dyna Series

Losing the feeling of being in control is the last thing you want when riding your bike. As any other modern fuel injected motorcycle, the HD Dyna also suffers from the usual lean running problems. The Idle is not very strong, the bike easily stalls on take off, and low speed throttle control is not soft and easy to control.
The BoosterPlug will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment your bike needs to be safer and more fun to ride.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

You probably heard someone mention that the solution to the fueling issue is a Power Commander and a number of hours on a Dyno to set it up. The Power Commander is an expensive piece of equipment when you include the necessary Dyno time ,but the PC is mostly not the best solution because it is so difficult to set up correctly.
The BoosterPlug requires no Dyno time and will outperform most Power Commander installations at a fraction of the price.