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BMW R1200 Series


BMW R1200 Fuel Injection Tuning

No wonder that the BMW R1200 boxers are so popular: They’re strong, reliable, and have plenty of power for all kind of real life use.
But unfortunately the R1200 engine shares the same low-end fueling issues that haunt all modern fuel injected bikes. So the fuel injection requires a little tuning to perform the best they can.
The BoosterPlug is extremely popular with BMW R1200 owner’s world-wide, because it provides a tremendous improvement to the feel and the low speed handling of the bike.
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Solution for the common weak and rough idle issues

The lean air/fuel ratio on the stock bike is to blame for the well known engine stalling problems as well as the rough and weak idle. The only real cure is to feed the engine a slightly richer mixture. And this is what the BoosterPlug does so well.

"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"
How does the BoosterPlug compare to the Power Commander? Well, obviously the BoosterPlug is only a fraction of the cost, especially when you consider that with the BoosterPlug, you need no expensive Dyno tuning sessions or numerous workshop hours to adjust settings.
The BoosterPlug is Plug and Play and needs no user adjustments, and that’s a very important reason for its success.
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