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KTM 790 and 890 Series

The new KTM 790/890 LC8c Twin cylinder engine is a great modern lightweight motorcycle engine. but the very low rotating mass and virtually no flywheel weight makes it hard for the engine to cope with the extremely lean air/fuel mixture on the standard bike.
The lean air/fuel ratio is the reason for the weak idle where the engine has a tendency to stall on take off, and throttle action is hard and on/off like. The result is a motorcycle that is less than perfect to ride at low speeds and when negotiating tricky corners - not exactly what you expect from a modern high quality motorcycle.
The BoosterPlug fuel injection optimization is the safe and easy way to cure the common lean running issues that plauges all newer fuel injected motorcycles.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Did you wonder how the simple BoosterPlug can be a better choice than the complicated and multi adjustable Power Commander ? The answer is closely connectoed to the complexity in the Power Commander, because if you have a thousand parameters to adjust, you have a lot (A LOT) of wrong setting combinations, and only one correct combination. This means that most Power Commanders are never set up correctly and that makes the simple and cost effective BoosterPlug a better choice for most owners.
The BoosterPlug principle is using the very good (but slightly lean) KTM fuel map as a basis, and just make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer where the engine needs it the most. So the BoosterPlug is working with the KTM ECU - not against it.