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Yamaha 700 Series

It's no wonder that the Yamaha MT-07 Twin is so popular - it's a real gem of a motorcycle engine. Only real downside is that it's haunted by the same lean running issues like all other modern motorcycle engines with less flywheel weight than the family car.
When you pick up the throttle mid corner, the throttle action is hard and almost digital (on/off like), and idle and low speed running is weak and never let you get the true potential of the bike.
The BoosterPlug solution is very easy to install and will provide a small controlled fuel enrichment where your bike needs it.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Before we launched the BoosterPlug in 2009, the only alternative to solve the common fueling problems was the Power Commander.
The Power Commander is expensive and very hard to set up correctly, and most owners end up with a bike that certainly is running different, but not much better.
The BoosterPlug provides a proven plug and play solution that mostly outperforms the Power Commander - with no need for expensive Dyno sessions to adjust hundreds of different settings.