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BMW R1150 Series


Fuel Injection tuning for R1150

Even though the BMW R1150 Boxer is a great motorcycle engine, it suffers from the usual low speed lean running problems.
The lean air/fuel mixture is causing poor/unstable idle and harsh throttle action and makes the bike less than perfect to ride.
Tuning the fuel injection with the BoosterPlug is an excellent and easy way to cure the problems.

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Real life performance upgrade

BoosterPlug tuning is a cost effective and proven way to restore your bikes drivability, and make it run as good as it should have from the factory.

"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"
The BoosterPlug comes with complete installation instructions, and is a true Plug and Play device that works out of the box.
Having the possibility to adjust all parameters (Like on a Power Commander) is fine if you want to play with these things and you need a second hobby.
If you just want your drivability back to let you enjoy your bike, the BoosterPlug is a far better solution.