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Ducati Sport Classic Series

The Ducati Sport Classic motorcycle range are well engineered pieces of artwork, and you would expect them to perform perfectly on the road.
Unfortunately, they are let down by the fuel injection that is making the engine run much too lean. The lean mixture makes the bike less than perfect to ride with the weak idle and tendency to stall at takeoff, and the snatchy throttle action that makes the bike hard to control in difficult corners and bends.
The BoosterPlug delivers the small controlled fuel enrichment your engine needs to release it's full potential,
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The BoosterPlug comes with the original connectors and is installed in minutes - without cutting and splicing cables, and without the need for extensive test bench setup and programming.
Compared to the complicated Power Commander, the BoosterPlug will deliver the same or better result - without the programming hassle and at a fraction of the cost.