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Harley Davidson Touring Series (2007-2016)

Even a high-torque engine like the big Harley v-twin is not performing to it's best due to the very lean air fuel ratio on the stock bike.
Idle, low speed running and throttle pick up suffers from the lean mixture, and the result is a bike that is harder to control and less pleasant to ride than it could be - and an engine that easily stalls on take off is not exactly what you want on a heavy Harley touring bike !
The only way to make the bike run like it should have from the factory is to provide a small controlled fuel enrichment, and this is what the BoosterPlug does in a simple package that is easy and fast to install.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

There is no longer a need to install an expensive Power Commander and pay your local mechanic for endless Dyno hours to make your bike run properly. The Power Commander is not a bad device, but it is extremely hard to set up the Power Commander correctly and most of them are not. The BoosterPlug is based on the ECU's own programming, just making the mixture a tad richer where your engine needs it most. Quite brilliant actually :-)