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Harley Davidson Sportster (2007-2016)


Tuning for performance and rideability

A strong idle and proper throttle control is essential to make a bike fun and safe to ride - nobody wants a bike where you have to struggle all the time to keep it running smoothly.
Unfortunately, all modern Harley Sportsters are tuned so they are running too lean from the factory, and the engine is not running as smooth and strong as it could.
This is a major problem with all modern fuel injection systems, and the result is a less than perfect riding experience and overall performance. The only solution to the problem is to provide a small controlled fuel enrichment.
The BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning will solve this problem and is installed in minutes - Upgrade your bikes performance without using special tools or complicated adjustment procedures.

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The BoosterPlug is a brilliant fuel injection upgrade alternative

Previously, the Power Commander have been the universal tuning fix for the poor fueling that haunts all modern fule injected bikes.
But the thousand of settings with the Power Commander is actually it's greatest problem because the vast majority of them are never set up correctly.
The BoosterPlug will provide the slight fuel enrichment that your bike needs on top of the stock fuel map (which is actually a very good map - just a tad too lean).
So the BoosterPlug upgrade is working in cooperation with the bikes own programming, not against it. And this have proven to be the better tuning solution to the well known fuel injection problems, and will release the full performance in your Sportster.