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BMW K1600 Series


BoosterPlug tuning to optimize your BMW K1600

You would think that a modern and expensive bike like the BMW K1600 would be perfect as it comes from the factory.
Unfortunately it’s not so, because even the modern six cylinder engine has fueling problems and is running leaner than desired for best drivability.
This means that the mighty K1600 will run less than perfect at idle and low RPM and the air/fuel mixture needs to be richened up slightly to release the engines full potential.
BoosterPlug tuning is a proven performance upgrade and an efficient way to fix these problems.
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The solution to release the full potential in your K1600

The only way to fix the lean running issues is to provide the engine with a slightly richer mixture, and the BoosterPlug will ensure that the engine only gets the richer mixture where it needs it the most (Idle, low RPM, acceleration and deceleration). This way you get all the benefits without destroying the fuel economy - it is the best way to upgrade the general performance of your bike.

"The BoosterPlug tuning is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  
There are several multi adjustable fuel enrichment solutions available for the BMW K1600 (Power Commander etc.), but for the simple job of restoring the low speed throttle action and strengthen the idle, the Plug and Play BoosterPlug is a much better solution to the fueling problems.