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Kawasaki 650 Series

The 650 Kawasaki Twin is a true multi tool. It will do everything from commuting in city traffic to cross country holiday trips. But like all other modern motorcycle engines is let down by the hard and almost digital (on/off like) throttle action, and the poor idle that is causing the engine to stall at take off if the rider is not careful.
The lean air/fuel mixture in the stock bike is to blame, and the only cure is to add a little fuel to make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer. This is what the BoosterPlug does to restore the ridability of your bike, and it will make your bike what it should have been from the factory.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

A Power Commander plus Dyno hours for setting it up will cost 7-10 times the price of a BoosterPlug, and you would think that the ability to adjust everything is an advantage and will provide a better result.
But the number of settings to play with will also multiply the possibility to make things wrong, and it's rare to see a perfectly adjusted Power Commander.
This is actually why the simple BoosterPlug solution is the better choice for most owners