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KTM 690 Series


Upgrade your motorcycle with the simple BoosterPlug tuning module

The KTM 690 single is a rather extreme construction that would have been a sensation on the racetracks just a few years ago.
KTM has worked very hard to make the oversquare, high revving single cylinder engine (with almost no flywheel) run properly at low revs.
But the very lean mixture makes it hard for them to make the bike perfect, and as all modern fuel injected bikes it suffers from the common problems like stalling, poor low speed throttle control and weak idle.
The BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning will provide the much needed fuel enrichment to eliminate the common idle and stalling issues and will make the bike a lot easier to control in the city and in tight situations on the road or the track. A simple and proven way to fix the problems and great and cost effective performance upgrade
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The easy and efficient alternative to solve stalling and other fuel injection related problems

The Power Commander and a lot of Dyno tuning hours have been the only real fuel injection tuning solution until now, but the BoosterPlug provides an easy and much cheaper alternative.
The Technicians at the KTM Factory actually know how to build a fuel injection map, they are just not allowed to make the fuel map as rich as the bike wants for best performance and drivability. That's why the simple BoosterPlug is a very good real life solution to the common problems - by providing a small controlled fuel enrichment on top of the stock fuel map settings.