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Honda 700 Series

The Honda twin cylinder bikes are excellent multi purpose bikes, but the very lean running engines makes the riding experience less than perfect.
Nobody wants a bike with poor throttle action or one that easily stalls at low RPM's, but unfortunately this is the result of the lean air/fuel mixture.
The BoosterPlug will provide a small controlled fuel enrichment in the areas where you need it most, and is known as a brilliant cure to the lean running fuelling issues that all modern bikes are having
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

With the Power Commander you will need a lot of Dyno hours and a very good mechanic to obtain a decent result that will not just increase your fuel consumption a lot.
Most Power Commanders are never correctly set up, and the result is often disappointing because they are usually making the bike run way too rich. The simplicity of the BoosterPlug that offers a small controlled fuel enrichment in the area where the engine needs it is a better solution for most bikes and owners - at a fraction of the cost of a PowerCommander.