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Honda 800 Series

The VFR800 engine is a milestone in motorcycle engine building. Smooth and powerfull at the same time.
But like all modern fuel injected bikes it suffers from the usual issues with almost digital (on/off) throttle action at low revs, and weak idle where the engine easily stalls if you're not careful with the throttle. The very lean air/fuel mixture is to blame, and the only cure is to add a little fuel.
The BoosterPlug will provide the fuel enrichment your bike needs to make it a lot easier to control in the city and in tight situations on the road or the track.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Do you think a Power Commander is a better solution ? Well you are not alone on that, but a complex device like the Power Commander is not easy to set up correctly, and most of them aren't !
You are allowed to adjust all parameters, and with the Lambda sensor disconnected, you (or your mechanic) are taking the full responsibility of the fuel mapping. Honda have a large team of experienced engineers to tune the fuel injection - are you sure your local mechanic is just as good ?
The Simple BoosterPlug will work on top of the original mapping and is almost always a better (and much cheaper) solution.