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Triumph 1200 -1700 cc Twins

Triumph did a fine job on the big twin cylinder engines, and they are almost everything you could ask for in a classic looking high quality bike.
You probably noticed the "almost" in the sentence above, and the 1200, 1600, and 1700 cc twins are unfortunatley restricted by the vay too lean air/fuel ratio in the stock setup. The result is an engine that does not perform the best it could do, and the common problems with lean mixture is a weak idle and a tendency to stall on takeoff, and an unpleasant on/off like throttle action that makes the bike less than perfect to ride.
With the BoosterPlug, your engine gets the small controlled fuel enrichment it longs for, and our device is easy to install as it comes with the original connectors - no cutting or splicing cables !
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The factory R&D team have spend thousands of hours to program the fuel injection to perfection within the lean running requirements, so changing the programming as little as possible is mostly the best solution, and the small controlled fuel enrichment with the BoosterPlug is your first choice.
The complicated and expensive Power Commander will give you access to all parameters, and that is obviously fine if you want to start your own endless development project, but it is important to understand that having a thousand parameters to adjust is very likely to get you into trouble. For everyone else that just want the bike to perform the best it can, the BoosterPlug is a much simpler and cheaper solution.