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Proven upgrade for your Kawasaki Fuel Injection | Improved rideability and performance

Kawasaki Fuel Injection Improvement

If you are looking for a simple and efficient performance upgrade to the fuel injection system on your Kawasaki, you have arrived at the right place. The BoosterPlug is designed to eliminate the usual lean running issues that is known on all modern motorcycles, and have proven it self over and over with thousands of happy owners world wide. The BoosterPlug will force the Kawasaki Fuel Injection system to make the air/fuel mixture a little richer and will thereby cure the common problems with poor low speed running and the problematic throttle action that makes it hard for the rider to control the power with the desired accuracy.

BoosterPlug tuning is the simple and smart performance upgrade 

Alterantive fuel injection tuning products on the market requires you or your mechanic to perform a lot of programming and setup work - and most Power Commanders and similar devices are never set up correctly. The BoosterPlug is using the very good (but slightly lean) factory programming as a base, and will just add the required fuel enrichment on top of the factory fuel map. So with the BoosterPlug tuning you can make your bike what it should have been from the factory - all in an cost effective package that is easy to install and requires no extensive set up sessions.