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The BoosterPlug is a simple and efficient tuning device that will improve the Honda Motorcycle Fuel Injection without the need for a Power Commander.
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- Honda Sub-600 Series
- Honda 600 Series
- Honda 700 Series
- Honda 800 Series
- Honda 1000 Series
- Honda 1100-and-up Series

An easy and efficient Upgrade of the Fuel Injection on your Honda Motorcycle

Your fuel injected Honda is running a bit lean from the factory and if you want your motorcycle to perform as good as possible, you need the BoosterPlug that will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment that your engine desperately needs.
The lean mixture on the standard bike will make the idle weak and the engine will have a tendency to stall on take off, low speed running will be lumpy, and throttle action is hard and on/off like. The only way to eliminate these problems is to make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer, and this is what the BoosterPlug offers in a simple and efficient fuel injection tuning product.

The Clever Tuning Alternative 

The BoosterPlug is the market leading fuel injection tuning device, that is easy to install, requires no expensive Dyno test bench sessions, and have proven itself with thousands of happy owners world wide.
The alternative tuning products are way more expensive and complicated and difficult to set up correctly. And as the BoosterPlug will usually outperform the Power Commander and similar products, the choice is pretty easy.