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MV Agusta 3 Cylinder Series


Real world Tuning

When you buy a premium brand motorcycle like the MV Agusta, it is reasonable to expect that it will perform perfectly in the hands of the owner. Unfortunately, it is restricted by the very lean air/fuel mixture, and the modern engine with its very light rotating mass does not cope well with this air/fuel ratio level. Low speed riding will be horrible because the throttle acts mostly like an on/off button, and the engine will have a tendency to stall at takeoff.
The BoosterPlug will provide the engine with the small controlled fuel enrichment the engine desperately needs to release it's full potential and to give you the riding experience you would expect from a bike like the MV Agusta.

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Why would the BoosterPlug be the best tuning method ?

It is a common misunderstanding that the most complicated device will be the best solution, but having a thousand parameters to adjust is only better if you can get all of them right - and most of the multiadjustable fuel injection tuning devices like the Power Commander are never correctly set up, and then it is just a waste of time and money.
The BoosterPlug is working with the ECU (not against it), and the fuel map on your modern bike is actually very well made (But a bit on the lean side). So letting the BoosterPlug work on top of the factory map to provide the sligthly richer mixture where the engine needs it the most, is almost always the better solution.