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Suzuki 4 Cylinder Series

The smooth running Suzuki 4 cylinder engines are very good at higher RPM, but idle and low RPM running is poor because the bike is running way too lean from the factory.
The lean air/fuel mixture also makes the throttle action very hard, almost like a on/off switch. This makes city riding and tight corners hard to negotiate.
The BoosterPlug is designed to provide a small controlled fuel enrichment in the areas where your bike needs it most to restore drivability and throttle control.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

You would think that the advanced and multi adjustable Power Commander is the best solution, but when you have the choice of a thousand different settings, you have a thousand possibilities to do things wrong.....
Most Power Commanders are never properly set up, so the BoosterPlug is mostly a better solution - at a fraction of the cost. 
(The term "Power Commander" covers all versions of the device, including PC3, PCIII, PC3 USB, PCIII USB, PC5, PCV, etc)