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Improve your Harley Davidson fuel injection with BoosterPlug tuning
See our Harley Davidson BoosterPlug model range here.
- Harley Davidson Sportster (2007-2016)
- Harley Davidson Sportster (2017 and newer)
- Harley Davidson Softail (2007-2015)
- Harley Davidson Softail (2016-2017)
- Harley Davidson Softail (Milwaukee 8) (2018 and newer)
- Harley Davidson Dyna Series
- Harley Davidson Touring Series (2007-2016)
- Harley Davidson Touring Series (Milwaukee 8) (2017 and newer)
- Harley Davidson Trike Series


Proper tuning for your Harley Davidson Fuel Injection

Tuning your Harley Davidson's fuel injection with the BoosterPlug couldn't be easier. Our fueling optimization device is easy and simple to install and there is no need for extended setup and adjustment sessions. Just install the BoosterPlug and go our and enjoy riding your bike.
With the BoosterPlug fuel injection tuning your Harley engine gets the small controlled fuel enrichment it desperately needs to eliminate the idle problems and the poor low speed running. The slightly richer mixture will remove the common stalling and idle problems, and soften up the rough and hard throttle action - to make your motorcycle easier, safer, and much more pleasant to ride.

Solve the common Idle problems without a Power Commander 

Alterantive tuning solutions like the Power Commander are complicated and expensive, and needs a lot of experience and dyno time to set up correctly. So the simple BoosterPlug will mostly provide better results at a fraction of the cost - and even without an engineering degree you can install it yourself.
We have designed and build the BoosterPlug to the highest standards so make sure it will cope with the rough conditions on a motorcycle. This way we are doing our very best to ensure that you get an effective and lasting solution with the BoosterPlug, and we are backing up our quality claims with a lifetime warranty.


The smart way to tune your bike 

Modern bikes have plenty of top end power, but they all suffer at lower RPM because of the lean mixture on the stock bike.
So today, tuning your bike is less about increased top speed, but more bout eliminating the poor idle and stalling that comes with the (too) lean mixture.

The BoosterPlug will solve thes problems instantly - without set up sessions or dyno time. This is what we call smart tuning.