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Kawasaki 1100 and-up Series

How can a big and powerful modern engine be so poor at low RPM - with tendency to stall at takeoff and a throttle action that is anything but smooth at low throttle openings ?
The problem is directly related to the very lean air/fuel mixture in the stock bike, and the only way to cure this is to make the injected mixture slightly richer.
The BoosterPlug will restore the rideability in your bike and make it what it should have been from the factory.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The well known Power Commander will give you a lot of opportunities to adjust any parameter you like, but it also put the full responsibility for the end result on your shoulders. It's easy to detect a lean running bike, but harder to feel if you are running too rich, so most Power Commanders are actually running the bike way richer than necessary, and this makes the BoosterPlug a better solution for most owners. No adjustments, no need for expensive dyno sessions - just click the BoosterPlug in and you will have a result that is way better than most home tuners can do with a Power Commander. All at a fraction of the cost :-)