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Husqvarna 250-501 Series

As the Husqvarna FE enduro bikes are road legal, they are running just as poor at low speeds as any other road bike.
The result of the very lean air/fuel mixture is a bike that is stalling easily and has a very poor throttle action where the throttle is almost like a digital switch and not easy to dose corectly.
Not excactly what you need when you are negotiating a difficult section with steep or tight corners.
The small controlled fuel enrichment from the BoosterPlug will restore your bike to what it should have been from the start.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

On a light and sturdy enduro bike like the Husqvarna FE, you do not want extremely complicated and vunerable electronis like a Power Commander or similar multi adjustable devices.
The BoosterPlug is only a fraction of the cost of a Power Commander, and does not require extensive Dyno tuning. Plug it in and go out and enjoy your bike !