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KTM 1050-and-up Series

The new big V-twin engine generation that started with the 1190 RC8 and is now carried over to the new generation LC8 is easy to love.
Lots of real world power in all conditions.
Unfortunately it suffers from the same weak idle and low RPM issues as all other modern fuel injected bikes. The bike is delivered from the factory with a very lean air/fuel ratio, and the extremely small flywheel on the KTM is not making things better - Not even modern ride-by-wire technology can solve this problem.
The only real solution is to provide a slightly richer air/fuel mixture, and the BoosterPlug is a simple and efficient solution.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Until now, the only solution has been a Power Commander and endless Dyno hours - and the result has often been less than perfect because it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to get things right when you have access to all adjustment parameters. Most Power Commanders are never set up correctly, and that's why the BoosterPlug is capable of offering a better solution - at a fraction of the price of a PowerCommander plus multiple Dyno sessions.