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Yamaha Custom Series

On a custom bike you want a powerfull engine with a lot of low RPM torque. So it's a major dissapointment to discover that your bike is actually quite lumpy at low speeds and the hard throttle action does not allow smooth and relaxed riding.
The very lean air/fuel mixture in the fuel injection system is to blame for this, and the only real cure is th provide a slightly richer mixture.
This is what the BoosterPlug does - in a simple plug and play solution.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

A complicated and expensive Power Commander is no longer required to make your bike run like it should have done from the factory. And the Power Commander was never an ideal solution in the first place because it's so hard to set up correctly.
Plug in the BoosterPlug, and go out and enjoy your bike !