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This is a collection of the frequently asked questions about the BoosterPlug.
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- Will the BoosterPlug work with my aftermarket exhaust and air filter ?
Should I remove the O2/Lambda sensor and install an O2 sensor eliminator ?
Will the BoosterPlug work if I remove the Catalytic Converter in the exhaust?
- Why can't I find a BoosterPlug for my new (2021 or newer) motorcycle ?
- Do you ship the BoosterPlug to my country ?

What about fuel consumption - will my mileage drop when I install the BoosterPlug ?
Will the BoosterPlug remove the backfire/popping in my exhaust ?
Can the BoosterPlug damage my engine – short term or long term ?
- Will the BoosterPlug increase the top end power on my bike ?
The Power Commander is much more advanced and have so many features – Wouldn't that be a better solution ?



- Why didn't you design the BoosterPlug to use the original AIT Sensor in the Airbox ?
Why does the BoosterPlug sensor have to be on an external cable ?
Will the richer mixture destroy my Catalytic Converter, or shorten its expected lifespan ?
- Will the BoosterPlug fuel enrichment make the engine overheat or run hotter ?
- Can I use the BoosterPlug if I have removed the secondary air injection system (SAS, SIS,SAIS) ?
Will the BoosterPlug change the ignition timing on my bike ?
How do you know that +6% of fuel is the right amount for my bike ?
- Why don't you show the Power improvements of the BoosterPlug in a Dyno graph ?


- How do I install the BoosterPlug ?
- Where should I place the BoosterPlug sensor ?
- How long is the BoosterPlug sensor cable ?


(All the questions that are not directly connected to the BoosterPlug)

We receive loads of questions about motorcycle fuel injection every day. Most of them are obviously related to the Boosterplug, but a fair number of the questions we receive are more general fuel injection questions.

Even though our site is obviously focusing on the BoosterPlug, we are doing our best to answer all questions.

But there is clearly a lot of motorcycle owners seeking answers to the more general fuel injection questions too, so we have made a secondary FAQ page with answers to the most asked questions.