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This instruction sheet contains the general BoosterPlug installation instructions.

Bike specific installation tips can be found in the Downloads section.

Installation is really easy - Just follow these steps to install the BoosterPlug:

1. Locate the Air Intake Temperature (AIT) sensor in the air filter box and unplug the cable connector.
· Most bikes will have the AIT sensor in the air filter box, but a few bikes will have the sensor located in a different location .
· Download the bike specific information as mentioned above to locate the AIT sensor on your bike.
2. Connect the BoosterPlug to the AIT sensor and the cable connector you removed in step 1
· The BoosterPlug contains a male and a female connector, so you can't connect them the wrong way.
3. Route the wire with the BoosterPlug sensor to a place where the sensor tip is not effected by engine or radiator heat and zip-tie it in place.
· Do not place the external sensor behind cylinder heads or radiator. 
· Install it in a location where the sensor is receiving a reasonable amount of cool air when you ride your bike.
· The sensor cable is long enough to place the BoosterPlug sensor according to our instructions, but if you want to place the sensor in a special location far away from the installation point, you can extend the cable with ordinary 2-wire cable. No magic involved. Just solder the connections and seal with heat-shrink tube.
4. Go out and enjoy your bike.


Step 1
Locate the AIT sensor and unplug the connector.
On most bikes, the AIT sensor is found in the air filter box - BUT NOT ON ALL BIKES !
Please use this link to our download page to download the model specific information for your own bike - This information will show you the location of the AIT sensor on your bike.
Temperature sensor connected to Fuel Iinjection ECU

Step 2

Connect the BoosterPlug to the connectors as shown in the picture below.

Installation of the BoosterPlug

Step 3
Route the BoosterPlug sensor to an appropriate location and secure it with a zip-tie.
The sensor must be placed in a location where there is a reasonable air exhange and no direct influence from engine heat.
This page in our FAQ section have additional tips on the ideal location for the BoosterPlug sensor.

Step 4
Go out and enjoy your bike.