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These instructions are the general instructions you need to install the BoosterPlug.

Bike specific installation tips can be found in the Downloads section.

Installation is really easy - Just follow these steps to install the BoosterPlug:

  • Locate the Air Intake Temperature (AIT) sensor and unplug it.
        - Most bikes have the AIT sensor in the airbox - but check the Downloads section 
    for the details on your bike.
  • Connect the cable from the ECU to the BoosterPlug using the OEM connectors - no cutting or splicing needed.
        - The BoosterPlug contains a male and a female connector, so you can't connect them the wrong way.
  • Connect the BoosterPlug to the AIT sensor in the airbox - still using the OEM connectors.
  • Route the wire with the NTC resistor to a place where the NTC is not affected by engine or radiator heat and zip-tie it in place.
        - Do not place the external sensor behind Cylinder Heads or Radiator.
        - Install it in a location where the sensor is recieving a reasonable amount of cool air when you ride your bike.
        - Most customers install the sensor next to the air intake snorkel or under the head lamp. Both locations are excellent.
  • Go out and enjoy your bike.
Temperature sensor connected to Fuel Iinjection ECU
Installation of the BoosterPlug