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Harley Davidson Softail (2016-2017)


Solution for stalling and other fuel injection problems

The new Harley Davidson engines are limited by the very lean air/fuel mixture on the stock bike, and both idle and low speed running is weaker than it could/should be and the engine will easily stall on take off. On top of that, the throttle control is hard and on/off like which is not very pleasant for the rider. Not exactly the performance you expected from your new Softail !
The BoosterPlug upgrade will provide a small controlled fuel enrichment to solve the stalling and low speed problems and make your HD Softail run like it should have done from the factory.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  


The easy performance upgrade for your bike

You may have heard someone suggesting that a Power Commander will solve the problem on the Harley Softail, but the Power Commander is a complicated and expensive device and not necessarily the best upgrade for the common fuel injection problems.
Most Power Commander owners are never really happy with the result after paying for the PC itself, the installation, and (lots of) Dyno hours to adjust the device. The BoosterPlug is installed in minutes, without the need for subsequent adjustments - AND is mostly performing much better than the Power Commander !