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Fuel Injection optimization on a modern classic motorcycle

The Royal Enfield motorcycles are a facinating mix of traditional values and modern engineering. Like all other bikes today, the Royal Enfields are equipped with high tech fuel injection instead of carburettors.
Unfortunately this means that they are running leaner than desired from the factory, and the lean mixture means that the engine is running hot and have certain low speed rideability issues.
When the air/fuel ratio is leaner than desired, the engine lacks low speed power, is easy to stall on take off, and the throttle action is hard and on/off like which makes the bike less than perfect to ride.
And to make things even worse, the lean mixture means that the engine temperature goes up - not exactly what you need in an air cooled engine.
The BoosterPlug is a proven and tested solution to the typical lean running issues that haunts all modern fuel injected motorcycles

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Here is why you don't need a Power Commander

It is easy to think that it is better to have as many adjustment options as possible, but having a thousand parameters in a Power Commander  also means that you have a lot of ways to make mistakes. The Power Commander is very hard to set up right - and most of them never are. So letting the BoosterPlug work on top of the very good (but slightly lean) factory map is usually a much better solution - and definitely a lot cheaper too.