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Triumph Tigers & Trophy


Trouble free fuel injection tuning

The Triumph Tigers are true "Go anywhere - Do anything" bikes. But like all modern fuel injected motorcycles they suffer from all the usual lean mixture problems.
As a result of this, the engine have stalling problems, poor low speed running, and a horrible throttle control. Not exactly what you want in a tight situation.
The BoosterPlug is acknowledged world wide as an easy and proper fix and works well with the common aftermarket tuning parts like exhausts and air filters.
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The BoosterPlug is a brilliant fuel injection tuning alternative

The ability to adjust almost anything gives the Power Commander a lot of potential, but it also puts full responsibility in the hands of the owner.
There are so many ways to misadjust adjust its settings, but only one way to do it right. And this is by far the biggest problem with all the multi adjustable tuning devices, and also the reason why the easy and simple BoosterPlug will outperform most PowerCommander installations.