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Kawasaki 750-900 Series

The twin and 4 cylinder engines are true Kawasaki classics, but the modern fuel injected versions of these beautiful engines are nowhere as smooth as the earlier carburetor bikes - simply because the modern engines are running leaner than desired for best rideability.
The BoosterPlug will provide the small controlled fuel enrichment your bike needs to make the throttle action softer and the idle stronger.
This will make your motorcycle a lot more fun to ride in city and in difficult low speed corners
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

How can the simple plug and play BoosterPlug compete with the mighty Power Commander with all it's fancy settings and the ability to adjust all parameters ?
Simply because the many different settings makes the Power Commander much too difficult to set up correctly, and most of them are not.
The BoosterPlug will use the standard map which is very good (apart from being a bit lean), and just provide a slightly richer mixture where your engine needs it most.