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The BoosterPlug is the easiest way to optimize the fuel injection on BMW motorcycles. Our plug and play tuning device is a proven and cost effective Power Commander alternative
See our BMW BoosterPlug model range here.
- BMW R850 Series
- BMW R1100 Series
- BMW R1150 Series
- BMW R1200 Series
- BMW R1250 Series
- BMW HP2 Series
- BMW S1000 Series
- BMW K1200 Series
- BMW K1300 Series
- BMW K1600 Series
- BMW F800 Series
- BMW Single Cylinder Series

BMW Motorcycle - Fuel Injection Optimization 

The BoosterPlug for your BMW Motorcycle is an efficient and cost effective tuning method that will improve the fuel injection on you bike, and our device is a well accepted cure to the common problems like stalling, rough and weak idle, and surging on constant low speeds.
Installation is easy and fast as the BoosterPlug is plugged into the original connectors on the bike, and the BoosterPlug is already set up for your bike, so there is no extensive adjustment procedure to go through.
We made the process of fuel injection tuning easy, and the BoosterPlug comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Ideal Tuning Alternative 

Tuning your BMW fuel injection with the BoosterPlug is the perfect and better alternative to other more complicated (and expensive) products on the market. We deliberately made the BoosterPlug for the owners that want to ride a perfect bike without having to go through endless setup sessions.
So if you are looking for the best and easiest way to release the full potential of your BMW, you definitely need the BoosterPlug.


Eliminating the dreaded issues with stalling and rough idle 

The fuel injection on moden motorcycles are tuned extremely lean from the factory, and this is what is causing the horrible on/off like throttle action, the weak and rough running at idle and the tendency to stall at take off.
The BoosterPlug is designed to make the air/fuel ratio slightly richer at idle, low RPM and during acceleration and deceleration to make engine run like you would expect from a premium motorcycle. This is what we call proper tuning !