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Yamaha 250 - 600 Series

Modern 4 cylinder motorcyles like the Yamaha 600 bikes are high-tech gear and incredible fun to ride. But like all modern bikes with very little flywheel weight, they are not able to run properly on the very lean air/fuel ratio they are programmed for at the factory.
Low speed running is weak, the bike stalls easily at takeoff, and throttle pickup after braking into a corner is hard and almost like flicking a switch on/off.
The BoosterPlug provides a small controlled fuel enrichment and is an easy and proven cure.
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

Most motorcycle owners know about the Power Commander, and how difficult it is to set up correctly.
The many adjustment possibilities is the reason why most Power Commanders are never even close to being correctly adjusted - and the BoosterPlug is mostly a better solution. (and definitely a lot cheaper).