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Harley Davidson Sportster (2017 - 2020)


The solution to the common fuel injection problems on the Harley Sportster

Your new Harley Sportster have plenty of power, and you will obviously expect it to be easy to ride in all situations without annoying problems.
Unfortunately the very lean air/fuel mixture on the stock bike takes some of the joy out of the riding, because like all other modern fuel injected bikes, the Sportster suffers from misfire, weak idle, poor low speed running, and an unpleasant snatchy throttle action.
The BoosterPlug will solve the problems by providing the small controlled fuel enrichment your bike need to run like it should have from the factory - Easy tuning of your fuel injection without the need of eternal adjustments and expensive Dyno time.

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Here is why the BoosterPlug is the better solution to the problem.

The BoosterPlug is a brilliant alternative to the expensive and complicated products like the Power Commander and similar multi-adjustable devices.
Having the ability to adjust thousand of parameters is only an advantage if you (or your local mechanic) can get everything right, and unfortunately we see that most of these devices are never set up correctly.
The BoosterPlug is using the stock fuel map as a basis for the small controlled fuel enrichment, and that is mostly a far better solution to the misfire and similar fuel injection related problems - at a fraction of the cost of a Power Commander plus Dyno time.