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KTM 125 to 390 Series

The smaller KTM street singles are beautifully engineered and really shows how good a modern engine can be.
But due to the limited size of the engine it's even more important that it performs to it's very best, and the very lean air/fuel mixture on the stock bike prevents this.
The result of the overly lean mixture is an engine that easily stalls on takeoff and a hard and unpleasant throttle action that makes the bike more difficult to handle at low speeds than necessary.
The BoosterPlug provides the small controlled fuel enrichment the engine need to perform to it's best - without destroying the excellent fuel economy
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"The BoosterPlug is a brilliant Power Commander alternative"  

The big issue with multi adjustable devices like the Power Commander is that they are expensive and extremely hard to set up correctly, and quite often the customers expectations are never met.
The BoosterPlug will solve the common rideability issues that is found on all modern fuel injected bikes, without the need for endless adjustments - and at a fraction of the price for a Power Commander plus setup time on a Dyno bench.